Early Morning Chuckle Fodder – 1/28/11

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A good Friday morning to you, Dear Reader, and welcome to the shimmering light at the end of your weekly tunnel.  Just a few short hours from now, you’ll be luxuriating in the languid arms of The Cocktail Hour, washing away the remnants of the strife-ridden workweek that has been.  And, here I am to give you that last little boost you need to send you off on this final leg of your journey with a sense of exhilaration.

So, what will you do with your weekend?  Will you try something new, or will you simply bask in the glorious indolence of emancipation?  You’re certainly entitled to do either one, for the weekends are yours to do with as you wish.  Whatever you choose, I hope you’ll keep in mind the advice I’ve given you over the past few days.  That is, to pay no heed to your critics and, as the old saying goes, dance like there’s nobody watching.

Or, maybe there’s something you’ve always enjoyed doing but have put aside over the years as you’ve pursued a career, or simply haven’t had time to work it into you busy daily life.  Perhaps you love to paint, or fancy yourself a good writer.  Or, maybe you’re musical and play the piano, or even the guitar.  This weekend, why not dust off that old instrument and knock the rust off your chops by playing a few old favorites?  You’ll be amazed at the fond memories such a thing can conjure up.

Or, say you want to try something you’ve always felt you could do, but never really gave it a shot simply because you don’t know where to start.  That’s how I started blogging all those years ago.  If you find yourself with a few hours to kill over your weekend, why not devote some of that time to doing a little research on the web — perusing how-to guides.  Odds are, there’s one out there for just about anything you care to try.  Maybe you’ve drawn some inspiration from this very blog, thinking to yourself, “Hey, if some 40-something hillbilly from Kentucky can build a web page, there’s no reason I can’t do it.”  In that case, I’ve gone ahead and rustled up a nice little guide to give you an informative start in the right direction.

25 LOL Steps to Building a Website

Or, maybe there’s some mundane task you’ve been procrastinating over out of sheer dread.  Weekends are the best time to tackle such matters, since there’s less residual stress in your mind than there would be if you tried to deal with it one evening after work.  Maybe there’s a bill you need to pay, but simply don’t have the money for.  Often in such cases, the best thing to do is simply contact the person you owe the money to and explain the situation to see if there’s some kind of arrangement you can work out.  You’d be surprised at how frequently creditors are willing to work with you to allow you to satisfy the debt in a more practical, convenient manner that fits into your household budget.  Try writing an email to them to see if they’re receptive.  Who knows?  It could turn out to be a rather pleasant experience that you’ve been stressing over for nothing.

Overdue Account

Whatever happens, just remember the most important piece of advice I’ve given you over the past week: You control how you react to any given situation, no matter how disastrous it may seem.  So, if your creditor refuses to work with you, so be it.  Simply do the best you can with the resources you have, bearing in mind that there’s nothing else you can do about it.  Or, if you decide to take up a new hobby, and it goes disastrously wrong, don’t be discouraged and don’t be afraid to fail.  These things happen all the time, and people manage to succeed in spite of it.  It’s all about the attitude.  If you’re determined to see the bright side in everything, you’ll be amazed at how bright the world seems even in your darkest hours.

For the ladies among my readers, I know this is the point where I typically post a link to some cheesecake for the guys.  I understand how you might feel left out by that tendency, but I hope you’ll continue to indulge me despite the fact that I don’t post links to beefcake photos for your benefit.  I know it may seem sexist, but the truth of the matter is, I’m a guy.  And, well, I’m just not interested in bare-chested men riding horses or putting out brush fires.  But, if it’s any consolation, things are getting better.  And, as the Virginia Slims cigarette ads used to say, “You’ve come a long way, Baby.”  Here are a few other ads that will help to put things into perspective.

25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads

OK, gentlemen.  I think we now have the room to ourselves.

Did I ever mention my near-pathological fixation on gingers?  Well, it’s true.  I know some of you just aren’t into them, and that’s just fine.  I posted a link just up the page that’ll help you learn how to build a web site that you can use to post pictures of blondes, brunettes, or raven-haired Asian ladies in various states of undress.  But, I still maintain that gingers are the way to go.  If you doubt me, have a look at some of these ladies.  You’ll thank me.

Red Hair Beauty

And with that, Dear Reader, I send you off to plow through the rest of the day and wish you the most relaxing and rejuvenating of weekends.  Since it’s payday for some of you, you might even consider hitting the Tip Jar up at the top of the sidebar.  Just a thought.

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