In Mitch Daniels news . . .

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"Nice kneecaps ya got there. Be a shame if somethin' happened to 'em."

. . . it appears Rush has it in for the Indiana governor.  I’m not sure what Daniels did to draw Limbaugh’s ire, but he seems to have been singled out for particular scrutiny.  HoosierAccess, which apparently isn’t exactly a ringer for the Daniels organization, comes to his defense — something, frankly, I would have expected to see more of by now.  (Yes, even though the governor hasn’t even declared his intentions yet.)

We have seen major battles regarding the rights of public-sector workers to unionize, a battle that has boiled over in Wisconsin and became a cause that rallied conservatives around the country. On his very first day in office in 2005, Mitch Daniels took away collective bargaining rights for state employees. This is something Limbaugh has pounding the table about for months, so shouldn’t Limbaugh be praising Daniels for this? Or does Limbaugh simply not know about it?

At a time when other states and the federal government are piling up debt on top of debt, the state of Indiana is running in the black because of wise fiscal choices made by Daniels. Keep in mind that he did this with the Democrats controlling the Indiana House of Representatives. Not everyone is happy with all of the choices Daniels has made but there is no doubt he takes the need for fiscal responsibility seriously – something that cannot be said about Barack Obama.

I can understand having skepticism toward any candidate who is too closely identified with the party establishment.  That’s to be expected in this political climate, and you’d be a fool not to give it some consideration.

But, what sticks in my craw about Rush’s hits against Daniels is the fact that he’s calling into question Daniels’s conservatism.  We are talking about the same man who forwarded Donald Trump as a credible candidate, devoted a pretty good share of positive airtime to him, and largely dismissed what would have been disqualifying shortcomings had any other candidate been saddled with them.

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4 Responses to In Mitch Daniels news . . .

  1. Susan says:

    Limbaugh’s animus against Daniels appears to stem from that comment Daniels made about a truce on social issues.

    Apart from that, I think Limbaugh wants to be the kingmaker. I’m concerned he’ll pick another fringe candidate like Christine O’Donnell.

    I can just see it: “Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, because they’re REAL conservatives.”

    • Walt says:

      Idunno, Susan. I think it stems from somewhere else. Limbaugh isn’t really all that socially conservative a guy — even had Elton John play at his wedding, after all. I don’t think James Dodson would do that.

      I think Rush is sore about Daniels taking a swipe at purists during his speech at CPAC. Just a hunch . . .

  2. Susan says:

    You may well be right, but I got a sense that Limbaugh was angry about Daniels dissing the social conservatives. And of course Limbaugh isn’t one himself, but he vigorously promotes social conservatism.

    OT…the betting seems to be that Huckabee is going to bail.

    • Walt says:

      I can easily see Limbaugh using the “truce on social issues” as a pretext for kneecapping Daniels. But, as for the sincerity of it all — well, I’ve long been skeptical of the man’s sincerity.

      I’m kind of surprised by it, but I think you’re right about Huck. And, frankly, I admire him for it. He really could have made some people’s lives quite miserable if he’d wanted to, and there was absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t have tried if he’d only been in it out of sheer ambition.

      I’m not the biggest fan, nor the biggest hater of Huckabee — and, if I’d been in his shoes, it would have been tough to stay out. But, if he does stay out, I’ll have a new kind of respect for him. And, despite what everyone says about him being a RINO, his endorsement will carry a lot of clout — so don’t be surprised if he’s very actively courted by everyone else in the field.