Obama’s bigfoot strategy . . .

He who laughs last . . .

. . . strikes me as not terribly bright.  It doesn’t make him look small-minded and petty.  It makes him look scared.

The last thing Obama wants is a great deal of press coverage for an event at which his failure (salty language advisory) will be the primary focus of discussion.  He may think he’s being clever, and his advisers undoubtedly think they are, but what they’ve done is create a talking point for Marco Rubio to tack onto the end of his rebuttal speech following Obama’s address to the joint session.

For instance, Rubio could say something like:

“Many of you watching this response may not have been aware that an important debate took place tonight — a debate about the future of our country.  There’s a reason for that.  Whether or not tonight’s address to the joint session of Congress was intentionally scheduled to coincide with that debate, it’s a simple matter of fact that the gravity of a presidential address has a way of overtaking other events.

“But, while it may no longer be possible for you to watch that debate live as it’s taking place, I would encourage you to watch it wherever you can.  It will be available online, and will be replayed and discussed in various media outlets after the address is over.  The issues discussed in that debate have a direct impact on the lives of all Americans, and every one of us should do everything within our power to be as informed as humanly possible about those issues.

“Undoubtedly, some of those issues don’t reflect well on the president’s leadership of this great nation.  But that is no reason to avoid giving them a full airing before the eyes and ears of the nation.  Again, I urge you to watch that debate and familiarize yourself with the arguments being made by both sides as we head into this presidential election season of such grave importance to our future as a nation.  We cannot afford to have this discussion drowned out, whether by design or happenstance.  It is too important to allow it to be muted, no matter how inconvenient it may be for the Obama administration.

Thank you.  God bless you.  And God bless America.”

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