Hot Air has a snap-survey . . .

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Click on over.

. . . posted by Patrick Ishmael, and I encourage Perry supporters to head on over there and register their opinions.  This is another opportunity to demonstrate the depth and breadth of support for Rick Perry, and as always, I strongly discourage any attempt to game the survey.  I firmly believe that Rick Perry’s supporters are the most dedicated of all the candidates in the field, and that resolve can be demonstrated through honest, heartfelt advocacy much better than through artificial poll-result inflation.

One of the reasons some of the bigger blogs are resistant to Perry and tend to dismiss his positive attributes is because there’s some lingering resentment over the fact that he jumped into the race later than the others and had an immediate impact, only to see his level of support fall as a consequence of his early debate struggles.  Because of that, some major bloggers have a somewhat understandable reluctance to invest too heavily in his campaign.

But, by showing your continued support and making a principled case as to why you believe he should be the nominee, you can help to soften that resistance.  After all, the big blogs are run by actual human beings who are just as susceptible as everyone else to the tendency toward pack mentalities.  And if they have a sense that Rick Perry’s core of support is solid and loyal and not given to bending to prevailing sentiment, it might be just enough to convince them that he’s worth that second look Perry asked for in his appearance at the Huckabee forum.

Now, there are some bloggers and activists out there who are simply dead-set against the idea of Perry winning the nomination — at least for now.  They have their own personal agendas and are simply not open to him as the nominee.  There’s little point in trying to persuade them over to your side, so directly addressing them is likely a waste of your time.  However, many of the readers of those blogs aren’t intractably opposed to Rick Perry; they’ve simply been discouraged by the reaction to his early missteps and the self-perpetuating nature of falling poll numbers.

Those people can be persuaded, and you can do that in the comment sections of those big-time bloggers.  The way to do that is to refrain from antagonizing their readers by doing what some Romney supporters do, such as coming to blogs like The Damn Dirty RINO and denigrating the conservatism of Rick Perry in an attempt to make the case that Mitt Romney isn’t really all that bad a candidate.  You’re much better off talking about Rick Perry’s accomplishments and making the case that he’s the most consistently conservative candidate in the field.  Given the respective records of the current front-runners, that’s not a hard case to make.

Of course, when you do that, you’re going to encounter some push-back from the readers on those blogs who support either Newt or Mitt.  If they get nasty, remember you’re on their turf and respond accordingly by comparing and contrasting the accomplishments and consistent conservatism of Rick Perry to that of Newt and/or Mitt.  One important thing to keep in mind in doing so is to try to avoid posting more than one link in your reply.  Doing so will sometimes cause your comment to be suspended for moderation, at which point you will be at the mercy of the blogger in question as to whether or not your comment will be seen.  Most of them will go ahead and allow it to be posted, but if they’re particularly hostile to Rick Perry, they may not feel compelled to allow you to use their space to advocate on his behalf.

So, when commenting and posting links in comment sections, only use one per comment and include any other links you might want to publicize in later comments to buttress your case.  Of course, you have to be judicious about the number of comments you post on any given blog lest you end up being deemed a spammer.  That’s definitely not the kind of image you want attached to Perry supporters.

Now, The Damn Dirty RINO is an unapologetically pro-Perry blog.  And comments from supporters of other candidates are subject to all manner of derision — though personal threats and foul language aren’t acceptable responses.  We here at DDR Global HQ don’t have a problem with mockery or the oft-bewailed ad hominem attack against advocates of other candidates.  As far as we’re concerned, the comment section of this blog is Rupp Arena and the supporters of other campaigns are visitors from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Bloomington, Indiana.  Feel free to make life miserable for them, but don’t throw any chairs or batteries.

Fight hard, but keep it clean.  And, if you should feel so inclined, feel free to post a link to this piece on Twitter.  Also, be sure to read and forward along my two previous posts on using social media to help promote Rick Perry’s campaign: HERE and HERE.

UPDATE: Welcome Hot Air readers, and a big thanks to Patrick Ishmael for the link in the Hot Air Snap-Survey analysis!  Have a look around and make yourselves at home.  If you like the digs, I hope you’ll bookmark me and come back once in a while.

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14 Responses to Hot Air has a snap-survey . . .

  1. ladyczarina says:

    I went to Hot Air and submitted my vote, but didn’t see anything there showing how the poll stands now. I think I read on another blog that Perry was running second, but does anyone here know? Thanks….

    • Walt says:

      Patrick Ishmael usually does an extensive analysis of these snap-surveys, so it’ll probably be a few days. He’s the real deal when it comes to number-crunching and he’s very much worth listening to on this kind of thing. I’m really interested in seeing how it shakes out.

      • workingclass artist says:

        There’s a large contingent of fickle pollhumpers at HotAir who jumped from Palin…to Bachmann to Cain and now are on the Newt wagon. Perry has been a pretty solid second in almost every poll once he lost the top spot when Cain boosted after the Florida debate. People like Perry & his record but they have debate hysteria. They want to see Newt spank him on the stage.

        Obama is a lousy debater. Hillary beat him in every debate on substance but he was pumped up by the media.

        • workingclass artist says:

          meant to say they want to see Newt spank Obama on the stage.

        • Llorta says:

          What a lot of these folks who recently jumped on the Newt bandwagon don’t understand the way it is.

          #1. The debates are overrated. How many people are truly undecided about Obama? What person is there who isn’t already zombified into voting for Obama is going to be persuaded in these debates to vote for Obama?

          #2. More importantly, it doesn’t matter who debates Obama, the media will spin it the way they want.

          If Newt was to debate Obama and run circles around him, the media would turn it into a negative for Gingrich. How so? See the old fat white-haired southern white guy try to portray the young hip black guy as dumb – that will be the media’s spin, and they will sell it. And it will sell, because it plays off of the stereotype that blacks are dumb.

          It is this same reason that everyone on the Republican side was so sure Cain was innocent of these sexual harassment and affair charges. The stereotype is of black men as sexual predators, and because everyone is scared to death of being accused of racism, or even looking like they could be racist, there is just no way Cain, a black guy, could be a woman-chaser – that just isn’t politically correct.

          So a lot of conservatives thought that if we had a black candidate – like Cain – we would nullify the race card. But these people are deluding themselves. If we were to run Cain, Obama would be portrayed as the “authentic” black, and Cain as the Uncle Tom.

          It just doesn’t matter who we pick – the media will spin it so that we can’t win. So thinking that getting the best debater will make a major difference in the race, this just isn’t so.

          What we need is not the best debater, nor the person with the darkest skin. We need someone who is the not-Obama – someone who offers a clear contrast and alternative. And I can’t think of a better contrast from Obama the Chicago politician than Perry, the plain spoken, blunt, and direct Texan.

  2. Llorta says:

    Perry came in second at the Hot Air poll done a couple of days ago. They posted the current poll since Cain officially dropped out.

    In other news, Cain supporters are still as obnoxious as ever. And all of the brand new Gingrich-bandwagon-jumpers make me want to gag.

  3. workingclass artist says:

    Mostly I’m good but well sometimes with chronic Perryhating trolls I do on occasion lose it….Did it today at Gateway which has become overrun with nasty insulting trolls posting smears. Some of these trolls show up at AOSHQ but they get spanked an chased off pretty fast.

    Anyway for the most part I try t keep positive & logical to make the case.

    Thanks for the reminder on discipline.

  4. workingclass artist says:

    Walt (Doing his best Jimminy Cricket) spurred my conscious so I went back over to Gateway and typed an apology for my cheapshot Newt comment.
    Troll fighting takes the occasional toll. Mostly I’m positive and don’t trash other candidates even Mitt…just state the facts of the records of each backed up by links. I don’t make excuses for Perry either. He doesn’t need it but I do think the prospect of Newt is freaking conservatives out.

    Found this…

    ” Ladies and gentlemen: We’re in trouble….”

  5. Llorta says:

    I just came across this:

    Yes, it is very long, and yes, it is worth reading the whole thing. It makes a powerful case why Gingrich is so dangerous, and should be required reading for anyone that is considering jumping on the Newt bandwagon.

    Keep in mind, the writer describes Perry as corrupt as you can get, and he appears to be some sort of Palinista. Which doesn’t bother me, because I’m not a Perry cheerleader, I just believe Perry is the best of a weak field of candidates. But what he says about Newt is dead on. Newt is so dangerous precisely because he thinks he really is smarter than the rest of us.

    Whereas Cain would have been the Republican Obama (unqualified, clueless, and would establish racial politics into the GOP), Newt is also a Republican Obama (he thinks he knows what’s best for you, so you will take what he shoves down your throat, and you had better like it).

  6. workingclass artist says:

    Legal Insurrection has a Perry poll up on whether Perry can make a comeback. So far it’s a yes by readers….go vote

    “Given all that has happened over the last several months, I reached out to Katie and wondered whether she would be interested in writing another post along the lines of “Why I still support Rick Perry.”

    Here was her response: (Katie Thompson Leader of students for Rick Perry)

    Here’s my post:

    Governor Perry’s positions have not changed. His record is unmatched. What works in Texas will work for America.

    What more can I say?”

  7. Llorta says:

    Awesomeness is…

    this ad by Ron Paul.

    I never thought I’d utter those words. =)

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