As Perry gains momentum in Iowa . . .

. . . there appears to be some movement toward getting both him and Newt Gingrich on the ballot in Virginia.  Attorney General Ken Cucinelli, along with two former attorneys general and the support of Governor McDonnell are taking action by introducing a proposal that makes the qualifications more reasonable and would clear the way for other candidates to appear on the primary ballot in March:

“Recent events have underscored that our system is deficient,” he said in a statement. “Virginia owes her citizens a better process. We can do it in time for the March primary if we resolve to do so quickly.”

Cuccinelli’s proposal is expected to state that if the Virginia Board of Elections certifies that a candidate is receiving federal matching funds, or has qualified to receive them, that candidate will upon request be automatically added to the ballot.

Two former Democratic attorneys general are also backing the move, along with a former Democratic state party chairman and a former Republican state party chairman.

This seems to be an eminently more reasonable standard than the one currently in place, which overwhelmingly favors establishment candidates like Mitt Romney, who is working in consort with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling in his gubernatorial bid, which faces a challenge from the more conservative Cucinelli.

However the controversy works out, it’s good to see someone injecting a bit of sanity into the process.  One certainly hopes the people of Virginia will remember Cucinelli’s efforts by electing him as their governor over the Romneyite moderate Bolling.

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2 Responses to As Perry gains momentum in Iowa . . .

  1. workingclass artist says:

    To Quote Gov.Perry…Bring It!

    “Meanwhile, four GOP candidates, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman on Saturday joined fellow candidate Rick Perry’s lawsuit against the state, urging the Board of Elections to either allow them on the ballot or at least refrain from taking any action until a Jan. 13 court hearing…”

    Read more:

  2. retire05 says:

    Rick Perry’s complaint, to be heard in a Va court on Jan. 13th, contends that the state of Virginia, and the GOP in particular, violate his First Amendment rights due to the restrictive requirement that anyone gathering signtures for a candidate for a federal election must be a resident and/or a registered voter or eligible to register to vote, but only in the district where they are gathering signatures.

    This rule has been found a violation of the First Amendment by the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th district courts.