Get ready to hear the term . . .

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. . . “locust capitalist” a lot if Mitt Romney manages to steamroll his way to the nomination with the help of the establishment conservative press.  It’s going to happen; it’s just a matter of when.  What’s a “locust capitalist?” you may ask.  Well, this tweet should explain it:

The term is likely coming down the pike well before the Democrats have a chance to use it.  Already, a Gingrich-aligned SuperPAC is preparing to unleash unholy terror on Mitt over his years at Bain Capital, and if the hype is to be believed, it’s going to be absolutely devastating.

The movie begins with a cinematic tableau of Americana, as the narrator intones, “Capitalism made America great. Free markets. Innovation. Hard work. The building blocks of the American dream. But in the wrong hands, some of those dreams can turn into nightmares.”

A shot of an American flag, waving in the breeze is replaced by gathering storm clouds, as the narrator continues: “Wall Street’s corporate raiders made billions of dollars. Their greed was matched only by their willingness to do anything to make millions in profits … nothing spared. Nothing mattered but profits. This film is about one such raider and his firm.”

At that point, a black-and-white photograph of Romney appears on the screen, as the narrator alleges that “Romney took foreign seed money from Latin America” to exploit “dozens of American businesses” and the “thousands of employees that worked there.”

“A story of greed,” the narrator intones. “Playing the system for a quick buck. A group of corporate raiders, led by Mitt Romney. More ruthless than Wall Street. For tens of thousands of Americans, the suffering began when Mitt Romney came to town.”

And if the pro-Newt SuperPAC doesn’t do Romney in, we all get to look forward to a steady stream of ads like this from the Obama campaign and groups like

Conservatives have a choice in this election.  They can either go along with the establishment that has served them so poorly in recent years, or they can buck that establishment and line up behind a man who stands in stark contrast to Mitt Romney.  That man is Governor Rick Perry.

For every steel mill worker who lost his job under “locust capitalists” like Mitt Romney, Rick Perry can produce ads with energy and high tech sector workers who relocated to Texas to find work under his tenure.  As Barack Obama tries to claim credit for a barely-recovering economy in the months ahead, Rick Perry will be able to look him in the eye and say, “You’re welcome.”

And the sad fact is, between Romney’s current biggest rivals for the nomination — Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — both have played a key role in creating the conditions we find ourselves in today.  Only Rick Perry offers the solutions to fix the mess we’re in, and has a genuine record of accomplishment to point to as an executive.

For a long and detailed account of Rick Perry’s positions, achievements and qualifications, have a look at this piece put together by RedState diarist, constitutional.  It’s an impressive and convincing mustering of the facts that shoots down all the myths that have dogged the nation’s best governor, thanks in large part to the acquiescence of the GOP establishment and the mainstream conservative press.

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2 Responses to Get ready to hear the term . . .

  1. Y-not says:

    Last time we ran an albino against the First Black President.

    This time we seem to be determined to run a Vulture Capitalist in the midst of media-fueled class warfare.


  2. retire05 says:

    Walt, it will not get any better for Romney from this point on. Romney has decided to cast himself as a “business manager”, using his business acumen as the sword he falls on. He can’t run on his record as Govorner because to do so would open him up to citicisms of how he governed; center-left to hard left.

    Yesterday, Reuters ran a front page article about Bain Capital while Romney was there. It goes into the story of Worldwide Grinding Systems of Kansas City, Missouri. The money paragraph is this:

    “What’s more, a federal government insurance agendy had to pony up $44 million to bail out the company’s underfunded penion plan. Nevertheless, Bain profited on the deal, receiving $12 million on its $8 milion initial investment and at least $4.5 million in consulting fees.

    How are voters who have objected to all the bailouts with such fervor, going to feel about Romney’s little company forcing them to cover the cost of a retirement fund bailout for a company his company purchased and later forced out of business.

    Romney supporters will jump up and down and tell you that he left Bain prior to the closing of Worldwide Grinding, later named GS Technologies after Bain took it over. But Romney contined to receive dividends long after GS filed for bankruptcy in 2001. His amassed weath is between $190/250 million.

    Oh, but it gets even worse. Romney is trying to sell us that he was against gay marriage in his state (although he nominated two gay lawyers to the MA bench who supported even more pro-gay legislation) but the record tells a different story.
    Deroy Murdock, of NRO, who supports gay marriage, sheds a little light on the shenigans Mitt resorted to while bypassing court orders (all legal in Taxachusetts):

    And while the Fox talking heads do their best to convince us that Mitt really IS a conservative, some have the cajones to tell them not to “urinate on my leg and tell me it is raining.”

    With the talking heads, who don the mantilla of a conservative, directly (as with Ann Coulter) or indirectly (as with the other Fox pundits) pander for Mitt, have left Mitt basically unscathed to this point and represented as the golden boy who can pull the sword from the stone. But Newt, Santorum and Perry have nothing to lose at this point, and the Golden Boy is going to find himself under such a barrage of fire that there will be no stone to hide under. And while voters may claim to dislike negative campaign ads, the ads work if for no other reason that they create doubt in the mind of a voter who is looking for Mr. Goodbar.