The news from Team Newt . . .

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The enemy of Mitt's enemy.

. . . coming out of the Wall Street Journal today is that his greatest benefactor, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, may be dumping more cash into his campaign — though he may not necessarily do it with an eye toward helping Newt. Interestingly, if not surprisingly, Adelson appears to be in a default (if not explicit) anybody-but-Santorum position according to associates who cited the former Pennsylvania senator’s outspoken social conservatism as a sticking point.

Elsewhere, Bill Kristol is taking Team Mitt to task for what he describes as “juvenile” attacks on Rick Santorum.

But does his super PAC—following public (and therefore legal) guidance from his own campaign—have to go after Santorum in so juvenile a way? Santorum voted to raise the debt limit! (Along with every virtually other Republican when the GOP controlled the Senate—and does Romney think they shouldn’t have raised the debt limit?). Santorum voted to raise his own pay! (As part of an appropriations bill—and does Romney think senators are overpaid?)

If these are the kinds of attacks Team Mitt is producing, one can only imagine the mature, serious-minded approach (Cecile Richards?) we can expect Team Newt to take with another potential infusion of Adelson’s millions.

Of course, there’s some discussion as to whether or not Adelson is actively coordinating with Team Mitt in a supremely Machiavellian maneuver to take down Romney’s biggest threat by exploiting Newt’s Super Pac. You have to figure the Gingrich camp, while not thrilled about the possibility that Adelson is in cahoots with Mitt, is more than happy to have another $10 million infusion. That kind of money goes a long way toward placating nervous paid staffers, after all.

At any rate, it appears the good people of Michigan and the upcoming Super Tuesday states are set to witness an aerial raid on Rick Santorum the likes of which have yet to be seen in this campaign. By the time the Romney and Gingrich Super PACs are through with him, it doesn’t seem unlikely that we’ll see a reemergence of the old, whiny Santorum who languished at the bottom of the polls until the establishment conservative press miraculously discovered him — just in time for the Iowa caucuses.

Having cleared the deck of every plausible threat to Romney’s ascendancy, the establishment conservative press is now making a pretty good show of boosting Santorum, knowing full well he’ll never be the GOP nominee. Were it not for their increasingly well documented duplicity, one might be inclined to actually take them seriously. Alas, it seems we’ve all grown a bit cynical at all the posturing.

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6 Responses to The news from Team Newt . . .

  1. Kyle Miller says:

    Adelson working for the Romney camp? Wasn’t he the guy who funded the Bain capital “documentary?” And, the guy who funded the anti-Romney ads in SC?

  2. I did read that after the Nevada caucuses Adelson said he would be glad to help bankroll Mitt Romney…. of course he was also saying he was still on Team Newt.

    Seems Adelson want to be a player….depending on how things go.

    Santorum has his own sugar daddy, who, BTW, is a big favorite of Chris Matthews on MSNBC. hmmmm

    The hypothesis in this blog sounds entirely plausible. At this point, I like no one, and trust no one in either party who’s running for POTUS.

    I do know this…the MEDIA has too much power, just like they did in 2008. They became SO powerful re: politics in 1992 – present, getting behind Bubba Clinton & his peccadillos even before he was elected.

    Ppl like Hannity & Rush vowed to fight “the media” to keep from having “the media” pick our candidate after the debacle of 2008. They are still “fighting the media”. So are the internet warriors. They also say they are fighting “the media”.

    THAT is the problem. If they won’t admit they are part of the problem..they surely can’t be part of an honest, trustworthy process like the primaries.

    • Aslan's Girl says:

      And now we have Hannity, Rush, Malkin, blogs choosing our candidates for us instead. UGH.

      • You are right Aslan’s Girl…Malkin is higher than Rush and Hannity tho. Rush and Hannity don’t do homework, they are followers, not leaders.

        Today, in his opening monologue, Rush talked about a Time Mag interview with Rick Santorum (which was topic of fight btw Ace & Dan Riehl on Twitter last night) & how X number of minutes of interview weren’t transcribed….and so therefore it is a LIE (what RS actually said in the interview)…and besides the only ppl who would realize that Romney has lied abt Santorum like this Time Mag invu are ppl who are still watching Whitney Houston news & only get up during the day to have sex with whoever they can find.

        IOW..if you are against Santorum, you are a dumb hick who only cares about W Houston’s death and sex as often as possible…

        I SWEAR if you get the audio of Rush’s opening monologue that is what he does. I even tweeted as such.

        He is doing for Santorum what he did for Cain. He is excusing any/all past statements or statements that would be negative….because, if you don’t like it you are a HATER.

        • I have to reply to myself because after posting this last post, I left to go to grocery store.

          Right before I left, JPodohoretz tweeted that Foster Freiss’ comment with Andrea Mitchell about how “in his day, a woman only needed an aspirin for contraception, she put an aspirin between her knees” comment was “really going to hurt Santorum”.

          I tweeted back to him that it wouldn’t because Rush & gang would say it’s “no big deal” like they did the allegations against Cain.

          Sure enough….after I left my computer, Rush played the soundbite and said it was SO funny and went on and on about how “dems” would use that comment to “try to hurt Santorum” .

          BTW…when Hannity started his show, he said his “homepage” is Drudge…and that “he sets the agenda every day”. hmmmm.. So Drudge “sets the agenda” for conservative media in Hannity’s world.

          Sounds about right.


  3. Rio2010 says:

    Count me as an Anti-Romney. Period. So when the vote gets to Texas, if Newt can’t beat Santorum, Santorum gets my vote. Romney is nothing more than Obama lite. I believe we will pick up the Senate. With the House and Senate, all the bills will end up on Obama’s desk if God-forbid he is re-elected. He will have to sign or veto them just like Clinton eventually had to sign Welfare Reform. Plus the Congress will spent their time tying Obama up in investigations just like Clinton and there is plenty to investigate.

    Just where I stand at this point.